Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hunger Games

I know nothing about this film or the book that it is supposedly from. The trailer seems interesting enough and generally the film seems as if it has a decent concept. The evil government sets up an barbaric competition in retaliation for some past deeds (sorry if I am oversimplifying it), people are choosen, trained to beat the crap out of people and then set out into the woods to murder each other, you know last man standing and all that.

Although it is not the same exactly, this concept strikes me as being someway between The Running Man and Battle Royale. Both of which were excellent films, in fact the book The Running Man by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King is also great. I wonder if The Hunger Games is going to be a watered down version of these films or if it can live up to the hype that the book has created.

Battle Royale Trailer:

The Running Man Trailer: