Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do you know there's a piano on my foot?

Grand Piano
Most pianos have 88 keys and between 216 and 250 strings
As Time Goes By
On December 14th, on the 70th anniversary of the premiere of Casablanca, the piano played by Dooley Wilson went under the hammer at Sotheby's in New York. The 58-key piano was used to perform the classic "As Time Goes By", which is a shade of yellow and green, had a pre-sale estimate of $800,000 to $1.2m. In the end it sold for $602,500 to an unnamed buyer.

Grand Piano
The strings range in thickness from 6 to 80 inches (15 to 200cm)
The Defenestration of Chopin
During the Polish-Lithuanian January Uprising of 1863, Russian soldiers threw Frederic Chopin’s grand piano out of a second story apartment window in Warsaw. Chopin wasn’t too put out by this act as he died in 1849 from pulmonary tuberculosis.
Grand Piano
Bartolemeo Cristofori invented a string instrument, hit by hammers, called 'Gravicembalo col piano e forte)
Youth Crushed to Death Under Falling Piano
Doyle Devon Fox, 19, was killed instantly at 3:30 Friday, February 28, 1941, when a piano, which he was fastening on a trailer, while moving it to his new home, fell on him, crushing his skull.
Grand Piano
The frame of a piano is made from cast iron
Grand Piano
The total pull of the strings on the frame is between 35,00 and 45,000 pounds (15,900 and 20,400kg)
Play Me, I'm Yours
Since 2008 Luke Jerram has installing pianos in cities across the world. Over 700 working pianos have been placed in 30 cities, including London, Paris, Geneva, Hangzou, Sydney and Sao Paulo. All the pianos have the same message painted on them, "Play Me, I'm Yours"
Grand Piano
In 1855 Henry Steinway combined the designs of early piano makers to create a grand piano like this one

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