Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is the new film from the directors formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers, now the Wachowski brother and sister team, and Tom Tyker, director of Run Lola Run and Perfume. The film looks pretty epic and the cast is impressive as well including; Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving, Jim Broadbent, Susan Sarandon, Halle Berry and Mr D'Arcy.

It is based on a novel by British author David Mitchell published in 2004. The book is made up of six stories linked together like russian dolls, one story inside of another.

"Cloud Atlas is a novel composed of six interlacing narratives, each one housed within the next, so that the first is a book read by a character in the second, the second a series of letters cherished by a character in the third, the third a populist novel being considered by a publisher in the third, and so on. To fully realize this Russian-doll experiment Mitchell divides each tale in half and places them, sandwich fashion, at opposite ends of the book. Thus the opening narrative is the last to be concluded, the second the penultimate, etc. At the centre of the novel lies the indivisible doll, an unbroken post-apocalyptic tale wrapped fivefold. Despite this symbiotic, intra-textual concept, further emphasized by the unifying themes of recurrence and predation, each narrative stands as a novella in its own right."

Bonus points if you can spot Hugh Grant in the trailer...

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