Friday, May 11, 2012

A Raccoon in the Park

Yes it is a raccoon and yes it was in the park. No it was not riding the bike and yes it was rather big...

That answers most of the questions I've been asked when telling people I met a raccoon. I have also been asked if raccoons are native to Germany. So i googled it, as you do, and found an article about it...

'Nazi Raccoons on the March in Europe
They're actually American but feel right at home in Kassel, Germany, which has become the European raccoon capital since the animals were introduced here under the Third Reich.'

Which sort of makes you want to read on...basically they were introduced into Europe during the Second World War in Germany and have been spreading out ever since...

"How many raccoons are there in Germany?"...well this very same article answers that question: "Somewhere between 100,000 and one million raccoons are estimated to live in Germany"

Excellent, glad we sorted that out...

raccoon on a bike


climbing raccoon

perching raccoon

looking raccoon

if you fancy reading the article in question: click here

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