Friday, May 11, 2012

Doctor Who: "The First Question"

Doctor Who is almost 50. It was first shown on 23rd November 1963. Eleven Doctors, numerous companions and one TARDIS.

Doctor Who: "The First Question" shows all the Doctors over the course of the 49 years it has been running. The maker of the video says:

"This trailer was my biggest challenge to date. Trying to encapsulate 50 years of a program is always going to be difficult, but i have given it everything. The video looks at the Doctor, challenging the very core of the show itself, just who is the mysterious mad man? My last attempt was a little bias towards the new series, this time i have tried to balance it much more, incorporating a wider range of clips from the classic era. Some Doctors' appear more than others in the video, its something that was always going to happen, its not a matter of opinion but rather down to the resources. Doctor Who has become far more than just a TV show, its a legacy and i hope i have done it justice. Hope you enjoy!"

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