Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wildpark to Clara-Zetkin

When the sun is out and the trees are changing it is worth getting out of the house and taking the chance to see it in its full glory. Yes, I left the house...miracles do happen

Wildpark, Leipzig

Wildpark, Leipzig

Wildpark, Leipzig

Colourful Houses




  1. See this is why I subscribe to your blog: you go outside for me and I can sit back and enjoy Leipzig from my computer screen. Your pictures make it look even prettier than it really is ;)

    1. The odd thing is I am not much of a going outside person...but what with "Winter is coming" and all I thought what the heck...

      Usually my outlook is more akin to this:

    2. See I usually am the kind of person that leaves the house just to watch the leaves fall or run around in the snow giggling like a little kid. But I've been pretty sick all week and could not enjoy the autumn at all. You're my window to the wold goddammit!! And now be thankful for being able to move around and see stuff!

    3. Well then your lucky day is soon to come...I have a load more Autumny pictures to put up, which will brighten up a snowy day...hope you are feeling better...