Monday, April 9, 2012

TIL Die Hard was Alan Rickman's first film

This is one of those facts that I must have known, and if I didn't then why not?

die hard

Hans Gruber
Played By: Alan Rickman
Film: Die Hard
Why He's On The List: Acclaimed British stage actor Alan Rickman hadn't made a movie before Die Hard. With all due respect to his wonderful career since, he might as well have stopped there, for there's no topping Hans Gruber. There are scarier villains, there may even be more iconic villains, but when it comes to slickness, suaveness, and coolness, Gruber has 'em licked. Endlessly quotable, Gruber's mind is as sharp as his suit and neat goatee - and the biggest testimony to Rickman's charismatic performance is that part of you wants him to get away with it.

Finest Hour: The moment when, after hours of hard work, the Nakatomi vault opens, and Gruber is bathed in heavenly light as the fruits of his labour appear. Of course, two hours later, he's sidewalk squelch, but never mind.

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