Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Artist - Michel Hazanavicius

The Artist - Michel Hazanavicius from Joe LaMattina on Vimeo.

It won loads of Oscars and audiences complained that it was a silent film, and yes I haven't seen it. Every year the Oscars hold less and less interest for me as I know fewer and fewer of the films.

Anyways, here is a profile of Michel Hazanavicius, the director of The Artist.


  1. I think this was the first year that I'd seen all but one of the films nominated for best picture. How Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and War Horse made it in there beats me. The Artist is an amazing film. Best actor should've gone to the dog though!
    And interesting that the 2 films that did best this year (Artist and Hugo) were both almost a love affair with old cinema.

  2. the big problem with where I live is there is not a cinema that shows good films in is either the blockbusters or random films that aren't really cinema movies...

  3. oh that sucks. Try and get some time off this November and come visit a proper cinema for a proper special occasion :-)